If you live outside of the greater Vancouver area you can now buy Churpi Durka organic dental chews online.  Just fill out the form and we will get back to you with a shipping cost (If you provide us a little bit of information about your pup we can ensure you are choosing the right size for longevity).  We are sure to pick the perfect chew for your pooch and we offer excellent shipping rates.  ($3 shipping within the Lower Mainland).  You can pay for your order by paypal (paypal.me/churpi) or e-transfer to info@churpidurka.com. We also accept credit card transactions, please email us if you would like to use this method.  Aditionally, if you would like to see your local pet store carry Churpi Durka, just send us an email with the store details and we will be sure to contact them for you.

Buy Churpi Durka dental chews online