It was on a family trip back to Nepal (Micka's home country) that yak milk churpi was introduced to us as a dog chew.  Although Micka had known of Churpi his entire life, I quickly learned about the exceptional health benefits of yak milk and of the natural way Churpi Durka was made as we were able to speak and interact directly with the farmers who were producing it.  As I continued to learn about the incredible health benefits of yak milk I  also  heard fascinating stories of how the people of Nepal have chewed Churpi for centuries for its nutritional and dental benefits.  Since then we have continued to research the amazing nutritional profile of yak milk and have discovered that 100% yak milk Churpi has been designated as an actual health food by the Journal of Dairy Science and is considered a nutraceutical (a food containing health-giving properties and having medicinal benefit) .......since then we have made it our mission to bring pure yak milk Churpi Durka to the world.

About us

We have a passion for all things natural and health-giving....

Bringing incredible products to the world is what we love.  It is our goal to inspire each other to help create a world where health and nutrition are more accessible and understood, to create sustainable farming partnerships where the communities that supply us are better off spiritually and economically than they were before they met us, and to contribute to communities all over the world in the form of mutual respect, caring and giving. 

Our vision includes a world where:

  • People and their pets have healthy, organic foods to enjoy
  • Foods are free of pesticides, antibiotics and other chemical additives; more in line with the way nature intended
  • Practices are environmentally, economically and morally sustainable
  • Support is given back to the communities that supply us with the wonderful products we enjoy
  • Cultural, indigenous rights and diversity are recognized, honoured, and protected
  • Strangers are only considered friends we haven’t met.

Our vision