5% of all net profits are directly given back to the farmers and communities that supply us in Nepal.

Thank you to the hard working women and men in Nepal that make this dream possible.

As a local company in Vancouver, Churpi Durka’s deepest core values are heavily tied into the health and well-being of the people and pets in our communities and the highest standard of customer service is what we believe in. We have a strong desire to give back and to support agencies who take care of animals that do not have a voice.  We have a strong presence in these circles as Vancouver is our home and our greatest desire is to  make a difference.  As we grow, so too will our contributions.
Churpi Durka is a Fair Trade product and we contribute 5% of all net profits back to the  communities in Nepal that supply us – as our family roots are in Nepal, this is a very exciting and rewarding aspect of our company. As we grow, we will bring more and more contributions back to these communities and increase industry by adding yaks to herds, we will create futures by employing local people to work on the farms and will happily contribute  to both the education and development of these communities.

We truly believe in Churpi Durka, for many reasons.  It is an amazing gift of nature that allows many people to pursue their dreams.  While we revel in watching dogs across Canada thoroughly enjoy it and benefit from its many health giving properties, we also see it as a tool that helps family and friends in Nepal who, as you know, are all making their way back from a major earthquake.  Micka's village that he grew up in was at the epicenter of the earthquake in Gorkha.

We are thankful for all Churpi Durka does for all of our lives - on each side of the planet.  It is  a health giving tool that enables us to give back and it truly takes care of a lot of people - and dogs.

There is a festival in Nepal every year that thanks dogs for being our friends; we echo the same sentiment over here in Vancouver.

Fascinating country, fascinating traditions.

Thank you to the yaks for the sustenance and livelihood they provide for so many.