The curdled cheese parts are separated from the milk and wrapped in a jute cloth (similar to a cheese cloth) and all the excess liquid is wrung out of the package by hand.   

The cheese is then cut into pieces with the use of a sickle.  After being cut, the cheese hangs by a string and is dried in the sun for several days. The farmers define  yak milk cheese as a “high calorie and nutritious food”.  The formatted, hard yak milk cheese of Nepal is world renowned.  The unique and traditional method of its preparation is highly regarded.

Churpi Durka is made of 100% Yak’s Milk - nothing else.

With probiotics 4x higher than cows milk, its rich supplement of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, and amino acids,  yak milk churpi has been classified as both a health food in the Journal of Dairy Sceince and as a nutraceutical in other respected literature (a neutraceutical is a food classified as increasing health and having medicinal value). Churpi is high in  digestible protein, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and many other vitamins and minerals; it is virtually lactose-free once fully prepared. The moisture content and hardness of our product has been tested to perfection and is highly regarded for its long-lasting quality for even the largest of breeds.  Your pet will enjoy Churpi Durka like no other. 

Handmade Organic Churpi Durka.

Direct from the farmers of Nepal.

100% grass fed yak milk - nothing else.

Many invaluable plants of high medicinal value grow in abundance in this high mountain region.  World renowned herbs grow in these lands, and it is these very herbs that are the staple of the yaks raised here.  Each of these herbs carry abundant medicinal properties that can benefit not only the yaks but the people and animals that consume their products. Yaks seldom fall ill in these areas, the medicinal herbs are largely responsible for their good health, immunity and strength.

The yaks of Nepal are among the world’s biggest and best breeds and they graze in the grasslands all day long and are free to roam about.  Because of the chemical free environment and food, their average life expectancy is very high.  Regardless of the number of yaks a farmer has, they do not make use of any modern equipment or method to extract and process milk and dairy products thus, there is no question of any chemical additives.  These farmers are a shining example in the production and sales of quality and chemical free dairy products. 

In a few days the pack of cheese is taken out.  No contamination occurs to the product in this duration.  The cold climate does not allow any degradation in the quality. 

The pack is then put under compression with a locally made apparatus, made of large rocks, wood and bamboo.

Churpi Durka is one of the highest quality natural products you can give your dog and carries many nutritional and dental benefits.  Made in the high mountains of Nepal, one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity with all organic methods of farming, its quality is unsurpassable. 

As yaks are raised only above the altitude of 10,000 feet, pure yak milk churpi is more difficult to come by and harder to source.  In a time when the vast majority of churpi is infused with cow milk, yak milk churpi still holds tight to ancient methods that allow it to carry the superior nutritional profile that is not found in products created through modern day methods used to produce cow milk churpi.

Each product made from yak’s milk is equally nutritious.  That is why products including milk, butter, cheese and formatted hard cheese have attracted the world’s attention.  The most popular among the dairy products is formatted hard cheese, locally known as “Chhurpi”. 

Yak’s milk is boiled over a wood fire for a long time and huge quantities of milk are stirred using large utensils until it thickens and condenses. 

The remaining butter is heated again for making hardened cheese.  The whey gradually thickens as it boils and is then removed; it is this part of the process that removes the lactose from the Churpi as the whey is where the lactose is stored.  Consistent effort is required in the process and the flames are not lowered at any time.  A small amount of brine is removed from the heated milk and fermented for up two days; this fermented brine is then added back to create the cheese from the thickened milk.  Using fermented milk instead of lime juice to coagulate the milk into cheese increases the nutritive values exponentially.  Yak milk is already 4x higher in probiotics than cow milk and once you add a fermentation process to the milk, nutritive values skyrocket. 

No chemicals are added, in fact, the farmers are oblivious to any such practice.  The thickened milk is cooled down and poured into a wooden pot.  After consistent beating and stirring, the fat content floats on the surface which is extracted and sold as “ghee” in the market.  This part of the process is what makes Churpi Durka low in fat.